breathwork ceremony

As radiant beings, we are made of energy. We glow with light, emitting a subtle frequency. We often go about our day to day unaware of our energy, unknowingly picking up the vibrations and projections of the world around us. When disconnected from our source energy, feelings of uneasiness and stress can arise.

Breathwork is an active meditation used to move stagnant energy and release blockages, allowing us to connect deeply with our own source vibration. Breathing is one of our most basic and essential activities. The practice of deep, conscious breathing can aid in cleansing the mind and body of toxic build up, allowing us to tap into our intuitive intelligence. By accessing the sub conscious, the breath opens the channel to our high self, enriching our true spiritual nature while promoting feelings of joy, creativity, and overall well-being.

In ceremony, we will use our breath as an experiential tool for self-exploration and healing by accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness. With the use of essential oils, holy wood and sacred resins, I will hold space as you journey inward, channeling healing Reiki with gentle touch. Allow the thinking mind and mental chatter to dissolve as you explore the unknown set to a cosmically curated soundtrack. We’ll close with simple restorative movement and mantra to bring you home to the seat of the soul.

September 21st

7.00 - 9.00pm

New Moon women's circle

We are sisters, daughters, and mothers, each connected by the healing thread of the divine feminine spirit. Harnessing the power of the new moon, let us gather in sacred circle as we offer our collective wisdom and strength to heal old wounds and manifest our desires.

We will open with mantra and chant to invoke the guidance of the moon, followed by dialogue in sacred space to share insight, experience, and compassion. Journey together in a shamanic womb healing meditation with the aid of flower medicine. To seal the circle, channel loving vibrations while crafting a beautiful Himalayan sea salt scrub for each to take home as a reminder of our work in this lunar cycle.

August 20th

6.00 - 9.00pm