"The real question is where do you want to begin? How much awe can you stand and how much beauty can you take before your heart bursts? Pick a point in the universe for example, and we'll start there. You for instance are quite the miracle. Humbling, wonderful, sensitive, curious, staggeringly beautiful, human incongruence against chaos that you are." 


What is it you seek? You've come to this place nudged by this intangible thing called Spirit, what we know to be an extension of our higher self. Here you are, searching in that childlike way you do. What you search for lives within. Yes, the journey is unknown and not without detour and false starts. Your map an expanse of  uncharted territory. Come to find yourself collecting baubles and souvenirs along the way, in familiar shapes of happiness, forgiveness, resolution, compassion, understanding, peace of mind and even love.