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Cultivating Emotional Wellness

A 4 week integrative series at Space By Mama Medicine   
Last workshop November 19th

The quality of our thoughts create our reality, leaving negative emotions to manifest as dis-ease and pain in the physical body. Unresolved feelings such as grief, anxiety, jealousy, and shame can lead to insomnia, fatigue, depression, even menstrual pain in women. What we feel in the subtle body determines how we feel in the physical realm. If emotions are the language of the body, how can we better communicate? How can we feel our best and honor the self?

In this series, we’ll deepen our practice of self care and understanding of the emotional/physical body through the modalities of breathwork, acupressure, somatic meditation, and crystal healing. We’ll discuss the foundation and benefits of acupressure, the nature of our emotions, and how the power of the breath can allow us to navigate our mental and spiritual landscape.

Participants will learn a sequence of pressure points to help restore physical, spiritual and emotional balance with the use of specific crystals chosen for their metaphysical healing abilities. At the end of each session, we’ll gather in Breathwork Ceremony for integration and expanded awareness. Each participant will receive handouts and crystals to take home for their personal practice and use.

10/22 Week 1: Anxiety and Stress Relief
In this class, we’ll discuss anxiety, stress and tools to clear stagnant energy and worrisome thoughts to alleviate physical symptoms such as insomnia and adrenal fatigue.

10/29 Week 2: Freedom from Fear and Depression
Fear and depression can seem like roadblocks on our path to being the best version of ourselves, creating a sense of grief that feels immovable when in fact, they are just false beliefs surrounding our worthiness. Together we’ll explore ways to undo these belief systems and allow ourselves to live in a more joyous state of being.

11/12 Week 3: Absolved Guilt and Shame
Unresolved feelings surrounding guilt and shame can lead to self neglect, sabotaging behavior, and can keep up stuck in the past. We’ll practice self acceptance and gain compassion to help us heal old wounds and find clarity.

11/19 Week 4: Healing Trauma, Moving Into the Present
Trauma is often perceived as suffering and loss, however it can present an opportunity for us to discover inner strength and meaning in our lives, providing tremendous growth. In this class, we’ll cover post-traumatic growth and the mind/body connection to find peace in the present.

This class uses gentle touch to activate the heart center. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a notebook and an open mind!

Exchange:  $72 single class


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