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Supermoon Solar Eclipse Ceremony

This upcoming solar eclipse is celestially potent, carrying with it the energy to bring about huge spiritual and emotional shifts. We'll gather in community to harness the power of this unique Cancer new moon to reflect upon any narratives, relationships, or aspects of our being that need healing, reconciliation, fine-tuning or release.  

To activate the subtle body and raise our vibration, we'll open with vocal meditation and mantra. We'll journey deeper through guided breathwork that will engage our higher self and awaken the healer within. With the use of fragrant flower water, holy wood and copal, I will hold space as you journey inward, channeling reiki and pranic healing through intuitive touch. 

For this special evening, I will work in ritual with sacred tobacco, also known as Mapacho. In many Amazonian traditions, this plant spirit ally is used to help cleanse a person's aura and balance the energetic field, offering clarity and grounding. 

All beings are invited, regardless of race, gender identity, age or background. Journals are highly encouraged for post breathwork self inquiry. Offerings of fruits, nuts, and chocolate to share with the group are always welcomed. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and anything that makes you feel good. Bring a rattle or drum, if you have one!



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