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Fridays, October 12th & 26th, November 9th
in Bed Stuy, BK

an offering of the mind body to spirit
in gentle awareness and humbling gratitude
raising our voice in prayer, poetry, song

the practice of being outside the self
to gently elevate and dance above the 
limitations of ego 

softening the soul through 
acts of love and compassion 
to blossom in splendor

observing god within as reflected
in the god that surrounds
where peace runs over.

This 3 part series honors Venus during its retrograde moment. The cultivation of Bhakti can help bring about the harmonious energy of Venus in all areas of our lives. As an embodiment of love, Venus is a benefic planet and governs our emotions, romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, wealth, art, music, dance, and is associated with the science of mantras, medicine, tantra, mesmerism, and alchemy. To embody the teachings and connect with the benefic aspects of Venus, we’ll perform rituals of healing with flower medicine and song. Through meditative practices of breathwork, mantra, and movement, we’ll expand our planes of awareness to create abundance from a place of love and compassion.

Earlier Event: October 7
New Moon Circle
Later Event: October 26