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Seeds of Our Ancestors

Bed Stuy, BK

Gather in ceremony to heal generational wounds and honor the gifts of our ancestors.

Together we will build an altar as offering and expression of our gratitude to the blessed beings and loved ones who have come before us. As we open in prayer, we ask for their permission and guidance to travel through past, present, and future.

In a guided meditation that will open channels to our higher self and beyond, followed by a powerful breathwork journey to explore mental strongholds and trauma inherited from both matrilineal and patrilineal descent, we’ll connect with our ancestors with loving intention to heal generational wounding in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Breathwork is an active meditation used to move stagnant energy and release blockages, allowing us to connect deeply with our own source vibration. Breathing is one of our most basic and essential activities. The practice of deep, conscious breathing can aid in cleansing the mind and body of toxic build up, allowing us to tap into our intuitive intelligence. By accessing the sub conscious, the breath opens the channel to our high self, enriching our true spiritual nature while promoting feelings of joy, creativity, and overall well-being.

Through conscious, accelerated breathing we'll access altered states of consciousness, carried by spirit into dream space for deeper understanding. With the use of fragant flower waters and sacred herbs, I will hold space as you journey inward, channeling medicine song and healing Reiki with gentle touch, allowing body, mind, spirit and soul to align in harmony with through the healing forces of nature.

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Later Event: November 9