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Breathwork for Prosperity

Private location in Bed Stuy, BK

By listening to our inner guidance, we enter flow states of creativity and harmony, aligning ourselves with experiences and opportunities to gain more power, clarity, and success. When we begin to take charge of our destiny, trusting what is only for the highest good, we can create what we want effortlessly from a place of joy and appreciation. 

This group experience is designed to level up your prosperity, abundance and wealth. Through guided meditation, self inquiry, and group discussion, we’ll get to the core of limiting beliefs and blocks in our energy centers that prevent us from living in positive abundance. We’ll journey in transcendent states of consciousness with breathwork, utilizing kriyas and affirmations to clear out and magnify our auric field to magnetize the prosperity that is ours to receive. 

Earlier Event: December 21
Later Event: January 6
New Moon Circle