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Dreaming with the Flowers

At Maha Rose in Greenpoint, BK

Flowers have been revered for metaphysical properties associated with emotional vulnerability and matters of the heart. In Amazonian herbalist traditions, medicine people or curanderos who work specifically with flowers are known as perfumeros. Through the time honored practice of dieta, divination, and ancestral consultations, they are able to communicate with the flowers, creating a lasting bond with the plant’s life force energy. They adopt regimens that allow one to forge a working relationship with healing and sacred plants. With these rituals, one can attune their vibration to the healing capabilities of plant spirit allies and find an enriching awareness of our inner process and the world around us. 

In this workshop, we’ll connect with three different flowers chosen for their unique vision enhancing, heart opening, and energetic womb healing properties. We’ll discuss how to commune with the flowers through the traditional shamanic method of plant dieting to receive their teachings and guidance. Participants will learn safe ways to practice working with the flowers in meditative ritual with tea, smoke, and baths. 

Earlier Event: February 16
New Moon Women's Circle
Later Event: March 18
New Moon Circle