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Life in Ritual

At Heal Haus in Clinton Hill, BK

Adopting personal rituals in our modern society is a beautiful way to cultivate more meaning to the inner landscape of our being, which can then manifest outward into the world. As an activity of intention, rituals symbolize commitments we make to heal and evolve spiritually. When we engage in ritual, interacting with the forces of spirit that surround us, we are offered moments of introspection and support that can have immense impact in our lives. 

In this workshop, explore the basics of creating rituals that can enrich your practice. We’ll discuss the power of symbolism within cultural traditions and ways to create sacred space through various forms of vibrational medicine. Participants will learn helpful meditation and channeling techniques, experience energetic cleansing properties of sacred resins and herbs, and how to build an intentional altar. We’ll close with a guided journey to connect with our guides for insight and clarity.

Earlier Event: October 26
Later Event: November 1
Seeds of Our Ancestors