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Luminous Heart Activation

at Maha Rose in Greenpoint, BK

The belief that our physical reality is manifested in the subtle body suggests that our emotional climate and subconscious thoughts play a significant role in how we experience the outer world we live in. By bringing awareness to our inner landscape, we can consciously design our experiences and co-create our reality with spirit. Through activation of the luminous energy field, we can enhance the physical body’s own healing response, accessing an ongoing state of wellbeing. In this state, our vibrational frequency is raised, amplifying our ability to attract authentic relationships aligned in joy, bliss, and peace. 

In this workshop, engage in practices the focus on activating the light body through pranayama, yoga, and chanting. We’ll open the channels and in-body chakras that will lead us right into the high heart, known as the seat of the soul. With guided conscious breathwork, enter transcendent states of being to move through the layers of the light body, using essential oil for aromatherapy, flower waters, and crystal healing to harmonize the aura. 

Each participant will be gifted with crystal palm stone to assist in their continued exploration of the light body for spiritual self-healing.

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