New Moon Circle

New Moon Circle


Friday, March 5th / 7.00 - 9.30PM

We are sisters, daughters, and mothers, each connected by the healing thread of the divine feminine spirit. Harnessing the power of the new moon, let us gather in sacred circle as we offer our collective wisdom and strength to heal old wounds and nourish inner light.

We will open with mantra and chant to invoke the guidance of the moon, followed by dialogue in sacred space to share insight, experience, and compassion. Journey together in womb healing breathwork with the aid of rose medicine. To seal the circle, channel loving vibrations while crafting a beautiful Himalayan sea salt scrub for each to take home as a reminder of our work in this lunar cycle.

This event is for those who identify as female and/or femme. If you have questions about that, do not hesitate to ask. I believe dialogue is essential in fostering community. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a small jar for your salt scrub. Journals encouraged.

This event will take place at a private residence in Bed Stuy (address will be sent with email confirmation). I ask that you do not share this address without my consent. Thank you in advance for respecting the sanctity of the space.

Cancellation Policy:
No refunds or credit will be issued if you are unable to attend. By purchasing, you agree to this policy.

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