Reiki Training | levels 1 + 2

Reiki is a Japanese natural system of healing that focuses on harnessing universal life force energy through the use of the practitioner’s hands to clear negative energy and blockages. In doing so, Reiki strengthens and harmonizes the individual’s auric field and energetic pathways to restore balance and harmony. 

When our life force is strong we’re  likely to feel joyful and at ease. We tend to feel weaker and become susceptible to illness when our life force is depleted. Reiki can increase the life force energy throughout the physical and subtle bodies, and improve its flow. The practice of Reiki helps you feel less anxious and worried, bringing more awareness to our spiritual higher self. Giving and receiving Reiki increases one's sense of well-being and leaves one surrounded with feelings of relaxation and emotional clarity.

Students will learn the history of reiki and its many beneficial uses, ways to channel reiki as supportive energy, and how to facilitate personal care and foster positive growth in themselves and towards others. With an emphasis on cultivating emotional wellness, this training  aims to explore vibrational alchemy and healing through the spirit forces of nature. By the end of this comprehensive training, each student will have an understanding of the traditional methods of Reiki as well as meditations and teachings to enrich their experience and strengthen their intuitive gifts. Each training focuses first and foremost on developing self-care and creating a safe container for healing.

SHODEN | Reiki Level 1

Saturday, December 1st + Sunday, December 2nd
11:00am - 4:00pm in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

In this two day training, students will learn the beginnings and teachings of the Usui Reiki Ryoho system of natural healing, where they will receive four energy attunements to work with universal life force energy. Through organized lectures, thorough demonstrations, and ample supervised Reiki hands-on practice time, you will quickly and comfortably learn how to bring ease and calm to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Day 1:
History and lineage of Reiki
The five Reiki precepts, or ‘Gokai’
Exercises to release and ground energy
How to apply Reiki for self treatment

Day 2
Connecting to ‘The Three Diamonds’
Meditation to increase energy
Techniques to scan energy fields
Creating a sacred container for your work
Performing Reiki on family and friends

Each student will receive a Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 1 certificate, and an informational Reiki 1 manual complete with instructions, and insight questions for self inquiry intended to develop their practice of Reiki and wellbeing. Those who complete the level 1 training are invited to join the follow up gathering (date, location, and time TBD) where they can share their progress, ask questions, and receive reiju and guidance for their continued journey with Reiki. 

exchange:  $225

Payment option available, please message if interested.

Okuden | reiki level 2

Saturday, December 15th + Sunday, December 16th
11:00am - 4:00pm in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

In this second degree training, we will explore the inner teachings of Reiki to heighten our intuition and increase our sensitivity. Students will receive reiju attunements and knowledge of three sacred symbols, connecting with each symbol’s meaning and uses for increasing power, emotional healing, and distance/remote healing. Students will immerse themselves in the theoretical practice of Reiki while strengthening their relationship with spirit and nature through meditative ritual. This level of training focuses on conducting Reiki treatments with confidence, preparing students who wish to continue their journey with Reiki as professional practitioners, Students will have ample time to practice applying Reiki sessions on one another.

Day 1
Shoden review and share
Learn the ancient Reiki symbols and their uses
Chanting kotodama to connect with Reiki Symbols
Method and practice for remote healing

Day 2
Understanding the in body energy systems  
Basic acupressure for emotional balance
Table protocol and codes of conduct
Continued self treatment with Reiki

Each student will be qualified, proficient and certified as an Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 2 practitioner. An extensive course manual is provided for each student, as well as a certificate of completion. Following training, Okuden level students are encouraged  to participate in Reiki LAB and Community Share where they can practice their skills in an organized group setting, ask questions, share and receive support. 

exchange: $325

Payment option available, please message if interested.